Clash of Clans BEST RAID EVER

Gameloft is one of the studio at the same time the mobile game publisher offers a myriad of options strategy game. Not long ago they released March of Empires. We know that lots of strategy games that are circulating in the home service platform respectively. In the end gamer would pick one strategy game which is currently still being smapai Favorites, Clash of Clans. Is it true that the March of Empires couldn't steal the attention of gamers CoC?
March of Empires is game that brings serious games style. This can already be seen from the use setting the time with the feel of a medieval fantasy.

This game provides three factions comprising the Tsar Sultan, and King. For instance, the Tsar army units and buildings have nuanced Russia, Sultan as representatives of the world of the Middle East, and King using the harness like a Knight from the continent of Europe. In addition to the difference in the design of the building and the army, they have a special ability each of which can affects the development of the Kingdom.

Numbers, numbers, and numbers, these are the three things that I always see in March of Empires. Regarding the serious theme, this game is indeed the emphasis on the management of Government which led to the statistical data, such as number of accumulated resources, combat power of troops, how developed the existing building, and the influence of the Kingdom of the other kingdoms. However, it is not entirely text and numbers, this game still presents visually appealing.

Actually, there are two games like this that's been available earlier, the Clash of Kings and the Game of War. However, they do not have a sekompleks management system March of Empires. This game system provides leveling for hero, army building, and with a level of sufficient length.

Emphasize the aspect of development, diplomacy and war, the March of the PvP system offering that Empires appeared different. Players can establish alliances with other players, aka the Empire or fighting their own established a great empire. Establish alliances are more advisable because this game offers the war on a large scale. An Alliance could also create a special mission that could invite all the players in them to cooperate.

Unfortunately, the player will not be able to see every battle directly. The result of the fight showcased through statistical data only. Setting the formation of troops is indeed available, but basically this game already has a list of formations in General.

Players are staying put in what kind of forces the right position. The angle of the display of the portrait that is locked I make sure to become the second weakness because of the full data that appear will make the game area is very narrow.

Mobile gaming that pegged the exact features free in-app purchase. I admit, the March of Empires features pay to win in reasonable stages. Each building has a level, for example the Academy for the development of forces or other building, which has a rate of up to 30 levels. Use the in-app purchase feature can speed up the time to upgrade, who used to take 2 days to 10 hours.

The farther a player develops, targets to be achieved in March of Empires is indeed increasingly difficult. It's hard here does not mean to have a high degree of difficulty, but rather the time it takes to administer players become more numerous. However, I still liked the gameplay that was presented. March of Empires can be one alternative for you who feel saturated with Clash of Clans.

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